The 2004 200th Anniversary Bike
Tour of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
On May 24,2004, 200 years and 9 days after Merriwether Lewis and
William Clark departed from St. Louis, MO on their much celebrated
adventure, the FRAANK bike team departed from the same location on
their own voyage of discovery.  
Retracing the great explorers footprints along the Missouri River and
through the fabled Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean, it would
take the team 8 weeks and 3200 miles to ride on their bikes what it
took the original Voyage of Discovery a year and a half to row and
Arriving on July 15 in Astoria, OR, Romano along with his son Giuliano
would tandem ride the pacific coast down to San Francisco' s Golden
Gate Bridge and add another two weeks and 800 miles on to their
The 2005-06 Continental
Divide Moutanain Bike Tour
In 2005 and 2006 the FRAANK team would again attempt another ambitious bicycle journey.  
This time beginning on the border of Mexico in the spring of '05 they would begin their ride heading
northbound through the states of New Mexico and Colorado roughly paralleling the Continental Divide
all the way to the Wyoming border.  
Afterwards the team drove to Yosemite Valley and began a 3 week trek southbound along the
John Muir
Trail finishing 230 miles later at Mt. Whitney Portal on July 30,2005.
The following year in '06 the team would start biking again, this time from the Canadian border, and ride
southbound along the Continental Divide through Montana and Wyoming and finishing up at the
Colorado border at the same point they had finished the previous year when heading northbound.          
In total the two summer ride would take them over 7 weeks and 2400 miles to complete as well as cover
some of the most challenging terrain and awe inspiring beauty in the lower 48 states.
The 2008 TransAmerica Bike Tour
On May 26, 2008 the team would set out on their most ambitious journey to date by biking from Cape
Alava, WA, the western most point in the lower 48 states, to Quoddy Head Lighthouse the eastern most
point in the lower 48.  On July 26, 2008, nearly 9 weeks later, they reached their destination.
Through wind, rain, numbing cold and searing heat the team would end up pedaling through 11 states
and 2 countries, covering nearly 4000 miles in total as they passed through such national treasures as
the Northern Cascades, Glacier Park, the great plains and lakes region, Niagara Falls, Cooperstown
Baseball Hall of Fame, and many other places too numerous to mention.
Most remarkably, in addition to riding for 62 continuous days without a day off, the team would end up
camping 59 out of 62 nights while on the road.  
The 2009 Tour of the Colorado Rockies
In the summer of 2009 the FRAANK team set out with a more modest goal in mind of mountain biking for
three weeks through some of the Rocky Mountains highest passes and alpine roads.                       
Leaving Denver they headed north through Rocky Mtn. National Park and over 11,800 ft Fall River
Pass.  Turning south they rode their way through Winter Park, Dillion, and up and over 12,500 ft
Webster Pass where they were forced to lower their bikes using rope down a 50 foot snow embankment
covering the road.
They finished the trip in the San Juan Mtns. in southwest Co. by climbing over four 10,000 ft. plus
mountain passes on their way from Cortez to Silverton, Ouray,Telluride, and finally back to Cortez.
Family Ride Across America to Nurture Kids
The 2010 MLB Stadium Tour
On April 05, 2010 at Minute Maid Park in Houston,Texas, FRAANK founder Romano Scaturro set out on his most
adventure to date: a continuous effort to ride unsupported to all 30 Major League Baseball parks. Six
months later on Oct.3 he rode up to Safeco Park in Seattle, WA to see his 30th and final ballpark after pedaling
10,000 miles and crossing through 33 different states and 2 countries.
Click here to see a map of his route.
Through part of the journey fellow FRAANK team members Jim Bostwick and Wilson Cutbirth joined Romano as the
team managed to raise $5000 for that years charitable cause: The Jahia and Jillian College Fund.
If you would like to receive a copy of the movie celebrating the 2010 baseball tour feel free to
contact us.