Romano Scaturro is the founder of FRAANK and has has been cyclotouring for over 20 years and more
than 30,000 miles.  Since 1987 he and his wife Patrice have owned and operated a small Italian style family
restaurant in Cornville, Arizona while simultaneously raising their 4 children.  Prior to that Romano earned a
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University. In 1987 he began competing in
Ironman distance triathlons, a passion that would endure for 16 more years.  In 1989, shortly after the death
of his father, he successfully attempted his first transcontinental bike tour by riding from Flagstaff, AZ to
Hartford, CT in 6 weeks. Since then he has crossed the continent on four other occasions and bike traveled
in most of the 50 states and several foreign countries.  Besides riding his bike, Romano also loves to run,
hike, white water raft, travel, write, study history, and spend time with his family.

Jim Bostwick has been cycle touring since 2004.   At 47, Jim has been competing in running since his early
school years and holds a personal best of 2:32 in the marathon.  In his professional life he is a math
instructor at Yavapai Community College in Clarkdale, Arizona.  As head coach for cross country at Mingus
Union High School, Jim lead the boys varsity team to a state title in 2007 and runner up in 2006, while also
be named the N. Arizona regional coach of the year.  He has traversed the US on 4 separate occasions and
to date has ridden in excess of 10,000 miles.  In his free time he also enjoys hiking with his girlfriend and

Giuliano Scaturro has been cycle touring since the age of 12.  His first trip was on a tandem with his father
when they rode the Pacific Coastline from Astoria, Oregon to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, a
total of 800 miles.  He has also ridden the Continental Divide bike route and the Tour of the Rockies.  Now at
17 and a senior in high school, Giuliano has his sights on a much larger challenge:  
The 2010 MLB Tour.   
When not cycling or going to school, Giuliano's other interests are wrestling, skateboarding, and hanging out
with his friends.

Domenic Scaturro has been long distance cycle touring since the age of 10.  Now at 16 he has logged
nearly 10,000 miles in the saddle and traversed the US on 3 separate occasions .  A student at Mingus
Union High School, Domenic plans on attending college after high school and to eventually pursue a career
in architecture.  Besides cycling, his other interests include basketball, hiking, reading, and texting his

Wilson Cutbirth, age 18 and the newest member of the FRAANK team, has a profound passion for the
outdoors and bicycling.  His introduction to bike touring came last summer during the Tour of the Rockies.  
Thoroughly enjoying the excitement and freedom that accompanies one when traveling with a bicycle, he has
committed to joining the team on the
2010 MLB Tour.   An accomplished runner as well, Wilson was an
integral part of the '07 Mingus Union High School Cross Country State Title team and is currently captain of
the '09 team.  His other interests include hiking, rock climbing, and unicycling.

Angelina Scaturro is the newest and youngest member of the FRAANK cycling team. 10 years old and in
the 4th grade, Angelina excels in her studies at school and has already developed some of the natural
cycling tendencies of her older brothers. She loves to read, draw, sing & dance, spend time playing with her
dog Lucy and kitty General, and hopes to become a Veterinarian in the future. After school lets out in May
'12 she will accompany her dad Romano for 2 months on the 50@50 US state capital tour, her first ever
bicycle tour.
Family Ride Across America to Nurture Kids
The Team Members
"In our era of email and Chinese takeaways we glibly say that the world is a small
place. That is nonsense: the world is enormous; certainly too big for a single
lifetime. I am fortunate that I took the chance to see a small part of it. For in hauling
myself around a thin slice of our world I exposed myself to a massive great chunk
of myself.
                   --Alastair Humphries; pedaled 46,000 miles across 5                              
                                                continents over a 4 year period.