Who we are and what we do

FRAANK is a small all-volunteer based non profit organization located in central
Arizona and dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged and troubled children.

Through their annual summer bicycle adventures, our volunteers attempt to advance
public awareness toward issues that
may negatively impact the well being of children
in the US as well as raise funds for local children and their families suffering from
medical illnesses and personal maladies.

FRAANK is a legally incorporated non profit organizatio
n chartered by the state of
100% of all contributions received through the FRAANK organization are
iven to the beneficiaries of that particular event.
Cape Alava, WA, the western most
point in the lower 48 states, at the
start of the 2008 TransAmerica
Bike tour.
Quoddy Head Lighthouse, ME, the
eastern most point in the lower 48
states, and the terminus of the
2008 Transamerica bike tour.

"Any dream, whether it remains in the recesses of one's mind or springs forth into the
world and cries out to become a reality, exerts a strong pull on the soul."

                                    - David Shaw 'Daring The Sea'
Family Ride Across America to Nurture Kids

50@50; The Journey Continues

On April 22, 2013 FRAANK founder Romano Scaturro
will resume his quest to travel to all 50 US state
capitals using only using only his own power as a
means of transport.

Click here to view Romano's daily blog and map.